Learning about dying

Question Prompt List

The QPL is a list of questions designed to help the family carer in asking questions which may help them understand the process better. The QPL is a list of commonly asked questions that the family carers may wish to ask the internal facilitator during the FCC. This list is designed as a guide only and some questions may not be specific to all family carers, however it may be used as a guide of conversation for the family carer to ask questions that may not otherwise have crossed their minds, or in some cases may not be required at all. It is a companion to the Comfort Care Booklet.

Comfort Care Booklet- French

Le message central du livret de soins de confort est que la démence est une maladie en phase terminale et qu’une approche palliative des soins est donc appropriée. Le livret fournit des informations sur la trajectoire de la maladie et les complications possibles, les options pour gérer des problèmes tels que les difficultés d’alimentation et la pneumonie, la gestion des symptômes et les soins de confort, le processus de prise de décision, le processus de la mort et le deuil.

Comfort Care Booklet- English

The core message of the Comfort Care Booklet is that dementia is a terminal disease and that a palliative approach to care is therefore appropriate. The booklet provides information about the trajectory of the disease and possible complications, options to manage issues such as feeding difficulties and pneumonia, symptom management and comfort care, the decision-making process, the dying process and grief.

Heart work: A thematic analysis of compassion in long-term care

This research brief explores perceptions about compassion when delivering palliative care from the perspective of residents, family members, and healthcare providers in LTC. It identifies potential facilitators and barriers associated with providing compassionate care to residences in Canadian LTC settings.

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