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A palliative approach in late stage dementia (video)

This video explores why a palliative approach to care is particularly important for people with late stage dementia. Strengthening a palliative approach in long-term care, known as SPA-LTC, is about making sure that people with life-limiting illnesses have more opportunities to experience a high quality of life from the moment they enter long-term care to the day of their death.

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Pandemic #9: Mend the World (podcast)

Dr. Tamara Sussman contributes to this moving podcast about life in Quebec Long-Term Care during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down.

After a stroke left him locked in his own body, Rabbi Ronnie Cahana has found ways to lead an incredibly full life. Then the pandemic came. It swept through Quebec, leaving a trail of devastation. Today, Rabbi Cahana is one of the thousands of Quebeckers left stranded in the middle of one of the worst disasters in modern Canadian history.

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